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Some things to know about ordering our videos:

1. All videos are high quality Windows Media Player files!

2. All major credit cards are accepted, secure and fast!

3. During the payment process you'll be asked for a phone number. Make one up if you'd like. Either way, we will not call you! This is a feature from our credit card processor that we cannot get rid of. Again: all of our correspondence is by email only!

4. DVD orders: During the payment process you'll notice your only option is 'downloadable'. Ignore it. We have no way to change this, so just leave it be and proceed with your DVD order. We will see you want a DVD and ship it asap!

5. After you enter your credit card information, you will be able to download instructions on how to view your video. It will be a blue button on the right side of your screen, titled 'download'.

6. Digital goods, once your credit card has been charged, are non refundable.