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A classic battle in this video of good versus bad, sweet versus naughty, veteran versus rookie, and any other cliche you can think of! Our newest addition to the roster, Reese, "the girl next door" gets picked on right away by everyone's favorite bad girl Brooke.Do not let those innocent looking eyes fool you gentlemen, Reese can bring it. She has a toned gymnast's body, is energetic, and learns fast, surprising the more experienced Brooke with her speed and doing damage with various head and body scissors, bow and arrows, and inescapable pins! You'll love how Brooke retaliates, bending Reese all up with chinlocks and Boston crabs, all the while squeezing the fight out of Reese as she uses her strong legs to her advantage! A nasty ending caps off what is surprisingly a very even match, with one of these knockouts getting knocked out!

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DC 013 - 'REESE VS BROOKE' DC013$29.95