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Pay attention students! Jade the hot teacher arrives in this video, intending on teaching Autumn a lesson! Seems as though Autumn as been beating up all the other girls in the Dangerous Curves classroom, and Ms. Jade thinks it's high time she got a spanking! Autumn has been practicing and is just looking for an opportunity to try out some hot new moves. Jade's strength is in her legs, and she uses them again and again to constrict Autumn's body in various places, hoping to wear her down, make her give in, and then suffer through 'after school detention'. Autumn, as always, loves showing off and does so with pro moves like Camel Clutches and Full Nelsons, but isn't afraid to get catty either as she transitions from one type of scissor to another! Neither one of these felines is afraid to grab a handful of hair and yank hard to add an exclamation point to an already brutal hold! As the match goes on, one girl starts taking over, making the other wish she could transfer out of this classroom from hell! Does Jade discipline Autumn, or does the student become the teacher? Order DC014 and find out now! Class dismissed!

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DC 014 - 'JADE VS AUTUMN' DC014$29.95