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Are you ready to rock? New Dangerous Curves girl Jennifer is ready...Ready to rock Reese's world that is! Fans of Dangerous Curves know Reese may look sweet, but is not to be underestimated. She brings it right to the confident newcomer, employing all the skill she picked up in her rookie outing, plus more! Jennifer is more than ready though. She wants to steal the show in her first match, and do so at Reese's expense! Jennifer is catty, using every chance she can get to squeeze the fight out of Reese with tight head and body scissors and nasty hairpulling, while talking a lot of shit in the process! The mouth on this girl would make a sailor blush! Jennifer delivers the pain both psychically and verbally, but Reese can go and is not intimidated. She lets her actions do the talking, using a diverse catalog of moves like bow and arrows, camel clutches, and chinlocks along with a wide array of scissors. It's almost as if the more Jennifer tries to break her down, the more determined she becomes! Frustration sets in for one girl as her opponent starts taking over, ending an energetic match with a brutal guillotine choke / body scissors combo! No doubt about it, DC015 will leave you wanting an encore!

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DC 015 - 'JENNIFER VS REESE' DC015$29.95