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DC 016 - 'ALEXIS VS JADE' The Million Dollar Princess is back this time to battle Jade, the Hot Teacher, who just loves to put uppity little girls in their place! The style of this match is a little different, as the 30 minutes is broken up into three distinct rounds. Round one is 'pin to win' with each combatant trying to hold the others shoulders to the mat for a five count. They go back and fourth, each scoring a few, with the round ending dead locked. Round two features submissions only; pins and scissors won't count. Boston Crabs, chin locks, chokes, camel clutches, and a sweet back breaker highlight what is again another evenly fought round. The gloves are off for round three and the girls get catty as scissors are the name of the game. Any type you can think of are on display here: Head, body, reverse, standing...and each get combined with other nasty things like pins, chokes, and brutal hairpulling! Both girls cheat and sneak in various other moves to try and wear down her opponent for that one final scissor that will give her the victory. And what a victory it is as the valiant loser refuses to give in, so the winner simply wears her out with one loooong ass headscissors, and enjoys her win with a few victory poses! It's hot! Check out DC016 now!

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DC 016 - 'ALEXIS VS JADE' DC016$29.95