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A good old fashioned school yard brawl erupts in this video as sexy cheerleader Brooke locks claws with naughty school girl Jennifer. This has all the elements of a hot catfight: killer moves, scorching trash talk, and loads of hairpulling! The skirts get shredded as both girls do their best to make the other look bad. Jennifer doesn't hesitate to verbally abuse Brooke while punishing her with Boston crabs, chinlocks, and bow & arrows. Brooke is ultra mean and aggressive, using her strong cheerleader thighs to squeeze Jenn in every type of scissors you can think of! These two are constantly in each otherís hair; Jenn deliberately yanking on Brooke's blonde tresses, while Brooke targets Jennís adorable pigtails! There's a great series where one girl does a move, then the other does the same move, but harder. Then she tries something else, and her opponent gives it right back, as if to say: "Anything you can do, I can do better!" These two just straight up enjoy hurting each other, and of course it ends is a totally brutal finish, with one cat jerking the others hair until she has no choice but to give. Who's the baddest girl in school? You know what you have to do to find out!

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DC 017 - 'BROOKE VS JENNIFER' DC017$29.95