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You asked for it, and like UPS, we deliver! Another straight up bikini fight, but this time with a twist! Itís strength and energy versus skill and experience as new girl 'Latina Heat' Vanessa and fan favorite Jade agree to a best of three knockouts catfight! The rules are simple: whoever scores two KO's first wins! Don't let the fact that this is Vanessa's first match fool you. She's as tough as she is 'muy caliente'. Vanessa has strong legs which she uses to her advantage all the way through this match, constricting Jade's head and waist every chance she gets in hopes of sending her to la la land. Jade's fans are gonna love her in this one, as she's become a very dangerous opponent, using a variety of moves like double arm scissors, UFC style chokes, and even the notorious crippler crossface! We're not kidding you guys, these two go all out with long, painful holds and it shows as the match goes on that they aint faking it. With the effort they give, you almost wont wanna see one of them lose, but one does, and the winner takes great pleasure in gloating about it while her defeated foe lays on the mat, out of it. If you're a fan of knockouts and competitive fighting between two gorgeous ladies, no question about it, this is the tape for you!

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DC 018 - 'VANESSA VS JADE' DC018$29.95