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Our motto at Dangerous Curves is: The Hottest Girls, The Most Action. This video right here is a perfect example! Meet Angie, our Asian Sensation and newest talent to the roster. Angie has a martial arts background, excelled in training, and is very eager to show off in her first match. Vanessa was an instant fan favorite and proved herself as double tough in her debut. Both ladies are just about equal in size, one has deadly skill and the other valuable experience, and it shows in this very exciting match! This video is a different pace for us, a faster tempo, as Angie uses all her talent to tangle Vanessa up in all kinds of painful holds. Vanessa relies on her creativity to pull off some incredible escapes before bending Angie up in some pro style submission holds. Catfight fans will love the flashes of cruel hair pulling, and if you like pins, there's something in here for you too as these two hotties take turns holding each other down for the five count. Towards the end, one gorgeous gladiator takes charge and puts the unfortunate loser through a brutal ending with a head scissors that just never seems to stop! What more could you ask for? It's only a few minutes from your desk top!

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DC 020 - 'ANGIE VS VANESSA' DC020$29.95