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A contrast in fighting styles highlights this videos as our energetic cutie Reese takes on the highly skilled Jade! These two talents couldn't be more opposite in every way: Reese is smaller, but built for endurance and speed as she tries to run circles around Jade. Jade is no doubt the more technically sound of the two, and plans on wearing Reese down with her killer thighs. You can tell Reese is up for the challenge right away, confusing Jade with her quickness, zipping in and out of moves such as Boston crabs, scissors, and even a bear hug! Jade attempts to settle Reese down with powerful body scissors, but Reese shakes them off and manages to catch Jade off guard with a nasty head scissors to score an upset win in round one! Jade is highly competitive and readjusts after realizing she may have underestimated Reese. Round two goes back and forth, with both girls bending, twisting, and squeezing the hell out of each other! Hairpulling galore all through this match, as Reese uses it to make some outstanding escapes, and Jade does it just to piss Reese off! Around the last five minutes, you'll see one girl finally take over, totally dominating the loser and finishing her foe with a huge knockout victory! Order now!

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DC 021 - 'REESE VS JADE' DC021$29.95