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This is a matchup our customers have been waiting for as both 'girl next door' cutie Reese and hot Latina Vanessa have a huge fan following! It's quite obvious from the start, neither want to let their fans down, and will do anything to prove who's best. Reese is smaller, but she always fights with a big heart, and has picked up some deadly skill along the way. There might not be a submission move she doesn't try out in this video! Our Latina frequently finds her pretty face getting squeezed between Reese’s toned, ballerina-like legs, forcing Vanessa to tap out! That fires up Vanessa's temper and she retaliates with some incredible head scissors of her own. Guys, if you like Vanessa, this is your video, as she really displays a mean streak, putting Reese through the wringer with various punishing holds like Anaconda chokes, surfboards, chin locks, and pins...All with a cruel smile on her face! Reese is game though and gives it right back, doing damage with guillotine choke outs, pro-style submission moves like Boston crabs and full nelsons, and nasty hair pulling! It's only fitting the winner finishes off the limp loser with a brutal head scissors, and then gloats in her victory. But who is it? Check out DC024 now to find out!

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DC 024 - 'VANESSA VS REESE' DC024$29.95