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If you think this is gonna be a mismatch, think again! Alexis is one of our toughest, most skilled fighters and has a clear size advantage. Jennifer is more catty and works double hard to surprise Alexis with one hell of a fight! Both ladies look delectable of course, but the action is as intense as the bikinis are small! Alexis goes with what she knows best, and is determined to destroy Jennifer with devastating head and body scissors, knowing full well that's what has scored her so many victories. Jennifer is game though and frustrates Alexis, fighting her way out of Alexis' holds with painful hair pulling, and even catching her off guard with a smother or two! About half way through, both girls start copying each otherís styles, as Jennifer locks in some submission style chin locks, Boston crabs, and scissors of her own, while Alexis gets fed up with Jenn's catty ways and enjoys getting a handful of her shiny blonde hair and yanking hard. If you're a fan of fights that contrast size and styles, with multiple submissions throughout and hot trash talk, you've got to get this video now to see if Alexis reigns supreme, or Jennifer pulls off the upset!

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DC 025 - 'ALEXIS VS JENNIFER' DC025$29.95