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Gimme a C-U-T-E! What's that spell? Kelly, the newest Dangerous Curves girl, that's what! Cheerleader Kelly debuts in this video, and while she might have a smile that will melt your heart, she also has scissor holds that will stop it! Reese, our resident 'girl next door' has recently found quite a mean streak and is already fed up with Kelly's spirit, promising to beat the pep out of her! Kelly's response? Bring it on! (Get it? Like the movie?) Reese wastes no time, taking advantage of the rookies' timidness with body scissors, a camel clutch, and even a guillotine choke! Reese schools Kelly early on, but gets overconfident and taunts her with a smack on the butt. Wait till you see the look in the cheerleaders' eyes after that! From then on Reese has her hands full (literally, with Kelly's hair!) as the newbie discovers how effective her strong cheerleader legs are, wearing Reese down with multiple head and body scissors. Reese gives it right back, using her experience to try and twist, bend, and squeeze submissions out of Kelly. Both girls take turns pinning each other down for the count, neither one missing a chance to trash talk and get in the others face. An agonizing finishing hold leaves one fighter frustrated as the winner rubs it in before knocking her out! Add this one to your collection now!

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DC 027 - 'KELLY VS REESE' DC027$29.95