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This is it! One of the biggest feuds in Dangerous Curves history will be settled here as 'Latina Heat' Vanessa tangles with Jade 'The Hot Teacher' for the third and final time! The girls wanted to make this special, so we decided this would be our 'customer appreciation video': No rounds, no rules, submissions only to a knockout finish! Both Vanessa and Jade wanted to look their best, (yes, that's a thong guys, stop drooling!) but be on their worst behavior as they fight for the last time to see who is best. Jade wastes no time trying to get the upper hand with her UFC style chokes and scissors, but Vanessa uses her strong python legs around Jade's head and body to do equal damage. Figure four head scissors, triangle chokes, and crushing body scissors that seem to last forever highlight this match, as both hotties are just too stubborn to admit defeat! Both girls know each other well and what the other is capable of, so the counters and escapes are amazing! Not a lot of trash talking or showboating, just two gorgeous, skilled, and competitive fighters battling it out for final superiority! As our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers, both agree to take it into overtime if need be, and indeed they do, as this match goes well over 45 minutes until one finds herself in a devastating scissor hold, giving the other a clear victory and bragging rights once and for all!

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DC 034 - 'VANESSA VS JADE' DC034$29.95