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If you're a fan of our resident hottie cheerleader Kelly, pay close attention! She's back and badder than ever in this video as she takes on 'Tomboy' Taylor. As we're sure you know by now, all the Dangerous Curves videos are unscripted, so anything can happen, and it does here! There's simply no way to make this pretty, this match is as one sided as we've seen. Almost from the get go, Kelly, who is by far more experienced, dominates Taylor, who is put through some of the most awful moves and holds imaginable! Kelly is a fan of head scissors, and this match has no shortage of them, in all varieties: normal, reverse, standing, you name it, Kelly puts Taylor in it! Once she's figured out she has the match well in hand, Kelly decides to show off with more complicated moves like camel clutches, double arm scissors and an excruciating over the knee back breaker! Taylor is game and gives it her best shot, but simply canít hang with much tougher blonde. No doubt Taylor paid her dues and will come back better, but for now, it's Kelly's world! The taunts and trash talking are scorching, especially at the finish, as Kelly really lets her cruel streak come out, sending a message to the rest of the Dangerous Curves girls, and that message is: Don't mess with the cheerleader!

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DC 035 - 'KELLY VS TAYLOR' DC035$29.95