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It's not too often we get a match where both fighters are so even, but such is the case here as returning 'Good Girl Gone Bad' Reese tangles with Torrie, our 'Rebel Diva'. Both a similar in size, skill, determination, and as you'll find out, desire to beat the hell out of each other! Pro style trained Torrie uses her creativity to bend Reese in all sorts of positions and unusual holds like the lotus lock, back breaking matchbook pins, and even some new brutal holds she comes up with on the spot! Reese is more of a cat fighter and enjoys terrorizing Torrie with classic standbys like head and body scissors, surfboards, and painful hair pulling! They even copy each otherís fighting preference as Torrie turns things around on Reese and gets catty with scissors and chokes of her own, while Reese surprises Torrie with Boston crabs, camel clutches, and even the dreaded STFU! (Someone has been watching WWE!) As you would expect, a close match starts to come to an exciting finish as one hottie starts taking control, the toll clearly visible on the eventual losers face before she gets sent to sleepy land and KOed with a nasty choke out, the victorious vixen ignoring her opponents tap outs and taunting her the whole time. Check it!

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DC 037 - 'TORRIE VS REESE' DC037$29.95