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-Unscripted (30 mins)

Angelica vs Eden 2 (bikinis)

Angelica vs Mila 2 (bikinis)

Angelica vs Yuna (bikinis)

Bella Luxx vs Eden (bikinis)

Bella Luxx vs Sasha (bikinis)

Bella Luxx vs Zura (bikinis, thigh highs)

Diana vs Kat (bikinis)

Diana vs Sasha (one piece swimsuits, boots)

Diana vs Yuna (bikinis)

Eden vs Mila 2 (one piece swimsuits, boots)

Maria vs Sasha (bikinis)

Mila vs Zura (bikinis)

Sasha vs Violet (bikinis)

Sasha vs Yuna (bikinis)

Sasha vs Zura (bikinis)


-Fantasy (30 mins)

Angelica vs Aria (tests of strength,lock ups, double body scissors, bikinis)

Angelica vs Kat (test of strength, body scissors, bikinis, tie)

Angelica vs Kat (test of strength, bear hugs, bikinis, tie)

Angelica vs Kat (wedgies, cosplay one piece suits, Kat wins)

Angelica vs Kat (Kat mostly dominates, bikinis and thigh highs)

Angelica vs Kat (one fall wins, swimsuits)

Angelica vs Maria (Angelica mostly dominates, one piece suits)

Aria vs Eden (Aria dominates with pro submissions, some KO, thong bikinis)

Aria vs Eden (catty wrestling, latex catsuits, Eden wins)

Aria vs Violet (Aria dominates, bikinis)

Aria vs Kat (best of 3, Aria wins, bikinis & fishnets)

Aria vs Kat (Kat dominates, one piece swimsuits)

Bella Luxx vs Zura (wedgie wrestling, Zura wins, bikinis)

Diana vs Eden (catty wrestling in latex bodysuits, Eden wins)

Diana solo (interview, games, and modeling in various bikinis)

Diana vs Violet (Tests of strength, arm wringers, body scissors, bikinis)

Diana vs Violet (Violent mostly dominates with Boston crab variations, bikinis)

Diana vs Yuna (submission holds, pins. even, Yuna wins at end. start in tanks and shorts, strip to one piece swimsuits)

Eden vs Violet (Violet dominates with pro moves, pro gear, cheerleader)

Eden vs Violet (Violet dominates, mini skirt costumes)

Eden vs Yuna (catty wrestling in latex bodysuits, Eden wins)

Kat vs Maria (Kat mostly dominates, bikinis)

Kat vs Mila (catty wrestling, one fall only, Kat wins, bikinis)

Kat solo (interview and modeling in various bikinis)

Kat vs Violet (Kat dominates, bikinis)

Kat vs Violet (wedgies, violet dominates, bikinis)

Kat vs Violet (Violet dominates with pro moves, mini skirts, bikinis)

Mila vs Yuna (pin to win, Yuna wins, bikinis)

Mila vs Yuna (Mila dominated and forces Yuna to sign divorce papers. Ko ending. Tank tops and booty) shorts

Violet vs Yuna (back and forth, Violet wins, bikinis)


-Fantasy (15 mins, choose 2)

Kat vs Mila (Mila dominates, sports bras & leggings)

Kat point of view boxing 2 (bikini)

Kat vs Violet (best of 5, eye rolling, Kat wins, bikinis & fishnets)

Kat vs Violet (Violet dominates, bikinis)

Kat vs Violet (eyeroll knockouts, Kat wins, bikinis, thigh highs)

Diana vs Violet (Ko's and stripping. tees, leggings, bikinis)

Diana vs Yuna (knockouts, even and Diana wins, bikinis)